Well, I left Dulles today around 4:15, which was a bit late, which wouldn’t be a problem had I not had a connecting flight in Charlotte. Arrived at terminal E in Charlotte and had 15 minutes to run to my gate at term C. I made it, but barely. I’m currently over somewhere in Florida due to arrive in Miami in about an hour. Very much looking forward to the weekend and week ahead. I do miss my girls beyond what I can describe, and that will only get worse.

Got to the hotel around 9:00 pm after hearing a riveting story from the cab driver. He had picked up a couple that were nice looking and dressed nice, who directed their route step by step instead of giving him an address. Well, he ended up in an alley with the woman holding a gun to his head and the man inspecting the trunk. Long story short, our hero cab driver was quick and got the gun from the woman and held the two until police could get there. So anyway, I digress…

We ate dinner here at the hotel (Intercontinental Miami) at their in house restaurant, Toro Toro. In a word, Delicious! We had a skewer of meats (lamb, chicken, steak, chorizo sausage) with mashed potatoes and broccoli asparagus medley, I believe we had enough for another person or two.

Back up to the room and get some sleep. I do love my sleep time!